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InteQ InfraDesk
Enterprise, Mobile, Recent, Responsive, Web
Inteq 2016
Billing, Advertising
Enterprise, Recent, Web
DST Systems 2016
IT Network management, Network administrators
Enterprise, Recent, Web
Riverbed 2015
Cloud computing, IT Networking, Network Administrators
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Sonian 2013
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Plex Systems 2013

All in one

I’ve been creating user interface designs for software for 25 years. I’ve worked on desktop, web, responsive, and mobile application designs. I love to create elegant, easy, beautiful user interface design solutions for any kind of application: consumer, prosumer, enterprise – you name it. My skill set includes interaction design, visual design, and user research – it’s rare to find someone with so much experience in all three core areas of user experience design.

The elusive trifecta
You want a class-leading user experience and user interface design for your product, that looks and feels state of the art (or even next-generation). You want an expert, who can fully understand and navigate the complexities of your project’s unique needs, not lightweight web designers or a team of understudy college hires from an overpriced big firm. You want flexible UI/UX design talent that adapts quickly to your team, whether you’re using Agile, Scrum, Kanban, or a hybrid Waterfall process, and hones in on the right solutions quickly, without throwing off your schedule. And you want a price tag that won’t get you laughed out of the room. Yes, you want that elusive trifecta of Quality + Price + Time that you can only get with a designer that has mad skills, low overhead costs, and tons of experience. You just found that designer.

250 applications in dozens of markets, and counting
Having cut our design teeth at Apple, Sun Microsystems and Netscape in the Bay Area, I now create world-class user experiences for industry-leaders, startups, and midsize players who are looking to outwit the competition. I’ve designed for many markets, including IT, bioscience, architecture and construction, finance, healthcare, retail analytics, manufacturing, SaaS, emergency response, and more (see Portfolio). I’ve even working in the public sector on the incorporation of UX methods to improve primary and secondary education in Massachusetts. Even if I haven’t designed products in your industry, I will bring a wealth of innovative thinking that will propel your offering ahead of your competitors.

Who is Two Rivers?

Unlike many other UX Designers who came to the profession from graphic design, documentation, website design, or project management, I have crafted my careers around user-centered design.

David Rivers holds a degree in Engineering Design (specializing in Human Computer Interaction) from Tufts University and has been designing user interfaces since 1993. David is a master of the marriage of interaction design and visual design, branding, field research, usability studies, user interviews, developing style guides, and incorporating useful copy into help, status, and error messages. David has published and presented at ACM SIGCHI and User Interface Engineering.

Personal Design
I keep the business small because I want to make sure that I am personally available to provide the best user experience design services at the best price. I take on very few clients, and I take very good care of them.  Your work will never be passed on to a junior designer: you are always working with me, and I bring tons of experience to the table.

Contact me to learn more
My office are located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, but our clients are world-wide. Contact me with email or LinkedIn to set up an initial phone call:

Two Rivers Consulting
Boxford, Massachusetts
Email: contactus [at] tworivers.com
LinkedIn: David Rivers

How do I work?

I usually follow the iterative engineering design process that I have adapted to work well with Agile-based teams, but I am flexible. In the early stages or a product I can work with your product team to develop the product goals, conduct field research to understand your users’ needs and refine product requirements. Later in the process, I help establish the user interface design requirements and advise your engineering team (as needed) on choosing a framework that will meet your design needs.

Next, I create wireframe mockups that I can test with users, as needed. Together, we single out the best designs and flesh out the details of the user interface interactions for you to incorporate into your implementation. Depending on your development team’s preference, I may then create visual designs using Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and Sketch for these wireframes that enhance their usability and their impact in the sales process, or I may simply specify the CSS parameters for your framework.

Throughout your implementation, I typically provide source materials and a user interface specification to whatever level of detail you want – this can include just wireframes, or final images – Balsamiq, OmniGraffle, PowerPoint, Azure, or other mockup files, and Adobe CS, Sketch, Acorn or other visual files. I can also provide a CSS style specification, with CSS hints for all of the visual elements in the design.

Many of our clients consider design work to be Sprint zero in their Agile-based processes. If you’re bringing me into your team midstream, I will break up our work into smaller components that you incorporate into each sprint, staying ahead of your developers so that they have implementation-ready user interface designs at the start of each sprint.

Smaller projects
You may want a simpler approach like a quick product evaluation to identify the usability problems and get our strategic advice for how to fix them. Others already know their “low hanging fruit” problems and want mockups of easy-to-implement fixes. Some ask me to simply rework their navigation systems to make a product easier to grasp. Clients who are planning ahead ask me to create future demos: prototypes of future concepts for sales and marketing, or to set a goal for the development team. Many clients have asked me to create a Style Guide so that the development team will be able to continue leveraging and building upon the user interface designs and knowledge base I have created with you.

Regardless of which approach you have me take, I will help you get the best bang for your development buck in improving your user experience. I’ve turned around entire small businesses for under $10K, and typically engage long-term with clients for total costs under $40K – a fraction of the costs of engaging with a large firm. Regardless of the size of your project, I complete my work on time and within budget.