User Experience Design

for Enterprise Web Applications

We are a Boston based user interface design consulting firm, specializing in large, complex web applications and desktop applications.

You have limited resources, and the constraints you face are unique. You want to introduce UI design expertise that will dovetail with your team and your constraints so that you can create the best possible user experience possible for your product, on time. You've found the right firm.

We work with you to implement a user interface design that addresses your needs. Typically, this includes creating wireframe prototypes to explore an array of possible design approaches to your problem. Together we single out the best designs and flesh out the details of the user interface interactions. We then create stunning visual designs for these wireframes that enhance their usability and their impact in the sales process. We then provide source materials and a user interface specification - this can include final images, PPT or other mockup files, Photoshop mockups, HTML, CSS, etc.

Sometimes our clients want an even simpler approach–a quick product evaluation to identify usability problems and strategic advice. Others already know their "low hanging fruit" problems and want mockups of easy-to-implement fixes. Some ask us to simply rework their navigation systems to make a product easier to grasp. Those who are planning ahead ask us to create demo prototypes of future concepts for sales and marketing or to set a goal for the development team. Our clients often have us create an easy-to-reference style guide so that the development team will be able to continue building upon the user interface designs and user experience knowledge we created with you.

"This work is great! You should be

charging (your other clients) more!"

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Killer app

Hey, you don't get to design a KILLER APP every day

( Hagan + David ) Rivers = two rivers

Photo of Hagan Rivers & David RiversWe are a husband and wife design consulting firm located in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

We keep our business small because we want to make sure that we are personally available to provide the best user experience design services at the best price.

Having cut our design teeth at Apple, Sun Microsystems and Netscape out in Silicon Valley and holding degrees from MIT and Tufts, we have the unique ability to offer world-class user experience designs without world-sized egos.

We work for clients large and small, industry-leaders and startups, and have accumulated valuable experience in many industries.

While we most commonly work for clients in Massachusetts and the northeast, we have equally delighted clients in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Washington DC, North Carolina, Virginia, and all over the world - including London and Mumbai.

"The designs that you made for us

basically sold the company."